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Why get a Personal Trainer? Why exercise?
To feel good and be healthy!

Feeling healthier, having better posture, looking fitter, losing weight and being able to play a sport all make you feel good.

But it's not just about sport or body changes. Think of the difference being fitter could make to your life - being able to cycle at the weekend, walk the dog, carrying the shopping or you might just want to be able to carry the washing upstairs.

And of course there are the health related benefits: lower blood pressure, lower body fat, enhanced immunity, stronger joints and increased flexibility.

All of these will help you feel good whatever your lifestyle!
To help you to exercise efficiently and safely, to make your exercise enjoyable and to support you every step of the way.

You'll get continuous feedback, individualised programmes meeting your needs and physical ability and realistic targets.

You may have a goal but not know how to achieve it. One-to-one personal training sessions provide a personal, friendly enjoyable and professional route to achieving your target.

I’m Robert McLauchlin.
I have always been fit and enjoyed training and its health benefits. About three years ago I began spending more time at the gym and reading up on exercise theory. As my interest grew it made more and more sense to turn my hobby into a career, so I followed the Personal Training Course at Henley College where I passed with 100% and won the Student of the Year award. I now combine Personal Training with work in a local health club in my home town, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

Updated 15 Oct 15

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